About The Firm


TeelRoeperHaines is a boutique law firm founded by experienced real estate attorneys from large national and international law firms. Their attorneys deploy more than 100 years of collective experience and intellectual capital on behalf of their clients. Unburdened by bureaucracy, the Firm deftly represents clients involved in projects throughout the United States, with a focus on the Western United States, Southern California and Hawaii.

Since the Firm’s founding in 1990, TRH has successfully closed more than $20 billion in transactions involving the acquisition, sale, financing and ground lease of real estate assets. TeelRoeperHaines has also structured lease transactions involving more than 100 million square feet of leaseable area. Individual deal sizes have ranged from less than $5,000,000 to those exceeding $500,000,000.

The objectives of TeelRoeperHaines’ clients define the Firm’s approach to every detail and element of each transaction. TeelRoeperHaines’ experience is coupled with an entrepreneurial engagement to make real estate deals happen. “Agile Expertise” has been used to describe the timely, proactive and skillful attention of the Firm to each deal. Teamwork, and an emotional investment in each client’s objectives fuel the TRH philosophy.

Partners in the Process” and “Invested in the Results” describes TeelRoeperHaines’ relationship with its clients and its attention to the outcome of each transaction. The collective experience of the attorneys at TRH, coupled with the agility, heightened responsiveness and personal attention of its team-oriented environment, provides an indispensable business resource for each of its clients. This philosophy allows clients to focus their energies on other matters, while confidently delegating transactions and objectives to the TRH team.